Advancing Science Worldwide


A Little Bit About Us

Advancing Science Worldwide was founded as its leadership believed that all countries should be able to study science and engage with the scientific community. They were appalled by what was essentially a discouraging of science in many developing countries worldwide. In some countries, science funding is almost nonexistent and science is completely frowned upon unless it has a short term, practical impact.

On the surface, it may seem like science has no place in nations that are not wealthy. It is commonly argued that these nations should focus on using their money for more practical things. However, there are many long term science problems such as climate change and super-resistant bacteria and the world needs as many scientists as it can get to solve such problems.

For instance, many developing countries are constantly ravaged by natural disasters. If scientists in such regions received sufficient funding, they may be able to find creative, innovative solutions to reduce the destruction caused by such events.​

They may not be able to receive support from their home country and its citizens and that is the problem ASW hopes to alleviate. For those that are underprivileged in their availability of scientific knowledge and materials, ASW does as much as possible to provide equipment, books, journals, facilities, and other materials that serve a great use in scientific fields among all ages and skill levels.